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Spiritual abusers will hate this book but you will love it. “Untwisting Scriptures” Review

Spiritual abusers will hate this book but you will love it, so here is my review of Untwisting Scriptures. Five stars. A must-read particularly for those in churches where they are discouraged from questioning authority (among other red flags).
This is the 3rd book in the series by author Rebecca Davis. I received an advanced copy as a PDF. It was so good, I bought books 1 and 2 and the audiobook that goes with book 2 from Amazon. This one covers how scriptures about your words and your emotions are misused in a way that causes people to be silent about things that need to be addressed.
The purpose of the book is to help those who have been abused find hope in Jesus and to help Christians better understand how they can help those in need. It addresses some of the controversial scriptures about gossip, false witness, fear, anger, and more.
Too often, unpleasant issues are ignored or silenced by leaders and the complainants accused of gossip. Instead of ministering healing to victims, they are treated as trouble makers. The author explains the difference between speaking evil and speaking about evil, including the unhelpful practice of only speaking positive words.
I was impressed with the extent of her references. They included links to video sermons of people she referenced. They really did say these things.
One example that shocked me was the assertion by a minister that “empathy is sin”. He created a different definition to the dictionary and went on to criticize people who were suffering from trauma.
Rebecca Davis is a trauma-informed prayer counselor who has ministered to many victims of abuse within the church. Church leaders would do well gain some trauma-informed training so they don’t add to the trauma out of ignorance or a more disturbing motive.
There are many leaders and preachers, but not all have the heart of a pastor.

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