Pastor Rick Brewer has known our family for many years, long before the great setback. Over 15 years, he watched our progress and supported us through the ordeal of losing everything, He and his wife Jenny visited me in prison, which meant a lot to both Justin and to me. My family attended Citipointe Church under Ps Mark and Leigh Ramsey who also supported and encouraged our family, and the campus where Ps Rick and Jenny were the location pastors. They all stood with us as we recovered and encouraged the growth of my speaking business to secular organizations as well as the ministry of turning our adversity into a testimony that changes lives.

Pastor Jerry Anway and one of his congregation give testimonies of Trish Jenkins when she ministered to Mapleton Community Church. At the end is a couple of minutes of Trish preaching. The message was on Forgiveness and how to connect with those who are different to you.

Arrow Leadership run Business Mentoring Groups for Christian Business Leaders. Director Paul de Mare gives a glowing testimony.
Trish shared the keys that took her from being virtually unemployable, mentally and emotionally crushed to creating an international speaking business. 

Kelly Emmerich from Lahaina Christian Fellowship. The feedback on her workshop was so good we invited her back again.

Testimonial followed by snippets of Trish’s talk

I had a wonderful experience with Aglow of Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
This is a short testimonial by President Isabella Wilson, followed by snippets from the preaching session it refers to.

Ps Allen Haia of Lahaina Christian Fellowship. Listening to Trish brought freedom to our people.

Dear Trish
Thank you for the message you shared when you spoke at the Mapleton Community Church last November. It was lovely to meet you and your family who are such a living testimony to the loving faithfulness of God.
We both appreciated reading your book and thank you very much, for making yourself vulnerable and sharing your journey with us. Your message is honest, strengthening and heartfelt which points to Jesus as the one who is the source of your strength.  It is also a very engaging read which keeps the reader eagerly turning the next page. It conveys empathy and encouragement for those who are doing it tough for one reason or another, and inspired us to really appreciate our freedom, and make the most of every opportunity to live our lives to the full. We’re sure that it has been, and will continue to be really helpful to many people.
It is a good reminder that we can be truly free, even if physically confined. On the other hand if we are physically free we can still be imprisoned by our thinking and attitudes.
Thank you for sharing so honestly through your book and we pray that your family may continually be strengthened, enabled and aware of the immeasurable love of God as you continue the journey of life.
Grateful thanks
Phil and Sue McIntyre

Trish Jenkins of ministered at Brisbane Outreach Church. Pastor David Patch gives a glowing testimonial including a desire for Trish to come back again because the people were so blessed and refreshed by her very practical ministry.