Lessons from a Clothesline. Resilient Faith adapts rather than disappoints

Rigid religious expectations make people legalistic and quietly resentful when their prayers don’t get answered the way they want. The first thing to go is their joy and no one wins people to faith without that. Here is a lesson from my Hills Hoist about adapting to change that applies to business and faith. Don’t tell God how to do it. Be ready to do things differently. Trish is an evangelist called to support pastors and equip the body to grow and win souls. Find out more about having her invest in your group at soon to be Remember to like comment, share and subscribe. 🙂

The strongest prison bars are in your head! Evangelist Trish Jenkins should know, she’s experienced both kinds, and as a Christian! Today, Trish ministers to church groups and Christian conferences, sharing keys from her inspiring story that unlock faith and hope in believers, and salvation for those yet to know Christ. A “pastor’s kid” herself, Trish knows how tough shepherding God’s people can be. The Lord uses her to encourage and support pastors wherever she travels, live or online! Trish teaches prophetically on breakthrough and turnaround and how to activate the Romans 8:28 blessing, which is for everyone but it does not happen automatically.

Find out more at Phone Trish on +61 418 556 198. #Christianconferencespeaker #churchgrowth #Christianwomen #womensconferencespeaker #breakthrough #Romans8:28 #setfree

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