Infertility Interview

Interview with Infertility Specialist Nurse Pamela Rasheed on her faith and God’s baby miracles




This is the second interview with Pamela Rasheed on infertility going behind the scenes to faith based aspect of the topic. We explore how the church has both encouraged and discouraged expectant couples. We also look at how to support someone in faith and how the Lord answers prayers. AN interesting insight into the book of Ruth and the question of her barrenness is addressed. Was she barren or not? The first interview is at my business YouTube channel, Trish Jenkins: Inspiring Resilience Speaker. Go direct to the interview at
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The Church has historically placed women’s value on her identity as a wife and more so as a mother. Old testament barrenness was a source of shame and failure. While miracle babies occur, sometimes they don’t happen and sometimes the Lord delivers through other means. Our identity is in Christ, with or without children. Listen to or watch this sensitive discussion. Let’s be considerate and prayerful before giving our opinion or making declarations to folks as they walk their faith walk towards fertility. It’s usually more Holy Spirit inspired to love and support them instead. 🙂

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