How to Pastor Through the Pandemic. Evangelism in Tough Times.

Interview with Wes Leake on Pastoring in the Pandemic

"A great and effectual door has opened" Did you see it? Obviously, the pandemic has been tough for churches. It challenged our traditions and disrupted our programs. Yet when so many Christian leaders have been crying foul about their right to gather in a building, Wesley Leake, of "Business Blessings" sprang into action to bring comfort and encouragement to a frightened world. He saw a "great and effectual door open." (1 Cor 16:9) Instead of asking "Why can't I?", Wes asked, "How can I?" What followed was a series of online initiatives to support, strengthen and encourage multitudes. 18 months on, I'm asking Wes about the journey from make-do equipment and know-how, to multiple ministries, prayer groups, business groups, coaching and consulting Christian business owners and all while teaching uni. He saw the need, not the obstacle. This interview will encourage you that your effectiveness in ministry starts with seeing a "Great and effectual door opened unto you".

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