The anointing does not retire

Church growth, Challenges and “The anointing does not retire!”

A fascinating interview with Pastor Alan Wills who has spent decades in ministry starting a church from scratch, with no resources but faith. I asked about behind the scenes highs and lows. He shares some of what it took to grow into a thriving church that saw many miracles.
He also gives insights into plateaus and disappointments and what he learned to do to overcome them and rise to the next level. When faced with retirement, Alan knew in his spirit there was more.
“The anointing is still there, you can still make an impact with it.” This is an exhortation to pastors facing retirement, who may feel like they are being put out to pasture and ignored. That is a wrong mindset. Don’t get bitter, ask the Lord what’s next.
If you are a pastor facing retirement, don’t give up on your calling, you are not done. You are needed, lift and shift your vision. We still need you!
The strongest prison bars are in your head! Evangelist Trish Jenkins should know, she’s experienced both kinds, and as a Christian! Today, Trish ministers to church groups and Christian conferences, sharing keys from her inspiring story that unlock faith and hope in believers, and salvation for those yet to know Christ.
A “pastor’s kid” herself, Trish knows how tough shepherding God’s people can be. The Lord uses her to encourage and support pastors wherever she travels, live or online! Trish teaches prophetically on breakthrough and turnaround and how to activate the Romans 8:28 blessing, which is for everyone but it does not happen automatically.
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