What is Christian Business as Mission and why does it matter?

What is Business As Mission and why does it matter? A Christian business is not about selling bibles and Jesus T-Shirts. Yet too often Christian business people have not been affirmed in their call to business. Business has a God-given power and potential for good in the world. BAM is the concept of all aspects […]

How to Pastor Through the Pandemic. Evangelism in Tough Times.

“A great and effectual door has opened” Did you see it? Obviously, the pandemic has been tough for churches. It challenged our traditions and disrupted our programs. Yet when so many Christian leaders have been crying foul about their right to gather in a building, Wesley Leake, of “Business Blessings” sprang into action to bring […]

Trish Jenkins interviews Ramon Ray: Smart Hustle Founder Shares Faith Behind the Scenes. Breaking Depression.

Smart Hustle CEO Ramon Ray’s Journey of Faith

Listen. Watch. Read. You may know Ramon Ray as the Smart Hustle guy whose story of entrepreneurship, grit, positivity and smart hustle is magnetic. Today I’ll be going behind the scenes to hear his journey of faith, what he has overcome and how his faith impacts his work. Ramon loves God and love people. This […]

The anointing does not retire

Church growth, Challenges and “The anointing does not retire!”

A fascinating interview with Pastor Alan Wills who has spent decades in ministry starting a church from scratch, with no resources but faith. I asked about behind the scenes highs and lows. He shares some of what it took to grow into a thriving church that saw many miracles. He also gives insights into plateaus […]

Faith Builders

What the overturning of Roe vs Wade means for your church

Hey Pastor, The overturn of Roe vs Wade in the USA has prompted some Christians to wave placards and write jubilant posts to celebrate the victory over abortion rights. Before you dance in the pulpit this weekend, I ask your pastor’s heart to consider those in your congregation who this week are triggered, retraumatized, and […]


Lessons from a Clothesline. Resilient Faith adapts rather than disappoints

Rigid religious expectations make people legalistic and quietly resentful when their prayers don’t get answered the way they want. The first thing to go is their joy and no one wins people to faith without that. Here is a lesson from my Hills Hoist about adapting to change that applies to business and faith. Don’t […]