Trish Jenkins never expected doing her job would land her in prison!


Unshackling bondages. Supporting Pastors. Equipping the Saints.

Prison was not part of Trish Jenkins’ ministry plans but it happened. Conned by a fraud and a breach of the Corporations Act meant losing everything, including her family home. It also meant Trish served 8 months in prison, torn away from her husband and 3 little girls.

Living with murderers, drug dealers and broken humanity in one of Australia's toughest prisons, her prayers for deliverance were not answered the way she expected. Instead, the Lord delivered her "through the fire..."

Treasure is found in dark places (Isaiah 45:3). Trish learned more in 8 months in prison than 20 years in the business world and 30 years in church, about loss, shame and God's amazing provision. She learned...

The Strongest Prison Bars are in Your Head!

So how did this God-loving wife and mother maintain her relationship with God in this hostile environment? 

It wasn't easy. Yet, instead of succumbing to despair and self-pity, Trish chose to believe the Word of God. She found a new level of courage and a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit. In doing so, she introduced many other prisoners to Christ.  

Trish discovered keys to faith that unlock joy, peace and victory in any circumstance. Her marriage and family have grown stronger. She has gone on to minister in person in UK (Scotland, England), USA, Mexico, Bahamas, Thailand, Fiji, South Africa, Norway and Bulgaria and more places online.

Today, in these troubled times of fear and uncertainty, Trish teaches prophetically on breakthrough and turnaround. Her life is a testament to Romans 8:28, that God works all things together for our good.

Trish on her first day home from prison.

A Romans 8:28 Ministry

When Trish brings her story and the strategies the Lord took her through to churches, people are not only set free, they are equipped to get free when things go wrong. It takes the pressure off pastors who are often expected to be the "fix all".

Romans 8:28 does not happen automatically. Trish will show your people what it takes for God to "make all things work for our good."

82% of salvations occur from connecting with a Christian in everyday life (Barnum survey). Gone are the days where the pastor is expected to "get the visitor saved". As an evangelist, Trish's passion is to grow the house of God in both numbers as well as maturity. Her heart for souls is contagious and yet she understands people's fear and hesitancy to share their faith. She teaches them how to do it naturally, guided by the Holy Spirit.


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Media describe Trish's story as "Fascinating and Encouraging." She adds humour and hope to serious issues, offering strategies that make people's lives victorious!